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About Us

About Us
Formed in 2002, Black Castle Events are one of the leading organisers for growers markets in New South Wales. We are the organisers behind Blackheath Growers Market, Springwood Growers Market and Castle Hill Farmers Market and Hills Artisans Market. With the help of our talented people, welcoming local communities and enthusiastic growers, we’re bringing some of Australia’s best produce directly to the tables of Australian families. All of our growers and producers are from local and regional New South Wales, and none of our food or products are imported.
Our People
Black Castle Events is a small company with 5 important team members who are the backbone of the success of our business. Pollyanne Feneck is the Director organiser. Her passion for food led her to create an outlet where small-time Australian farmers and producers could sell their foods. Brad and Josephine manage Castle Hill. Nicole manages Blackheath and Springwood, and Michelle is our admin/book keeper.
Our History
In 2002, Pollyanne was approached by Hawkesbury Harvest to open up a farmers market. Prior 2002, she used to organise major events such as the Australian Craft Show, Gourmet Pantry and Designers & Creators expos in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne. When she was asked to create the first growers market in the Hills, she accepted the job with excitement. This market has been operating for over 14 years, and Pollyanne and Black Castle Events have not looked back since.

Encouraged by this early triumph, in 2003 we opened up Blackheath Growers Market. This was the first true growers market in the mountains, and it’s been a huge success. We followed that by opening up Springwood in 2015. Welcomed with open arms by the locals, Springwood Growers Market was a major success from the moment we opened.
Tour Organising
In addition to our growers markets, Black Castle Events also organise tours. This year we are heading to Darwin, visiting the Kakadu and exploring Darwin and what it has to offer.
We also take groups to visit other markets and farms as well as exploring the area. Anyone is welcome to join us on our trips! We have a lot of fun and cater to all needs.
Learn more about Black Castle Events and all that we have to offer. Visit one of our markets or contact us today for more information!
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